The complete customer engagement platform
for the life sciences industry
BaseCase empowers US MedTech field teams to better engage with hospital decision makers using Medicare/Medicaid datasets.
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Fast, flexible and user-friendly

BaseCase is the leading customer engagement platform for MedTech field teams. It is the fastest way to integrate complex evidence, such as health economic models, Medicare/Medicaid datasets and slide decks into engaging mobile content. The BaseCase platform removes the need for programmers, reducing costs and shortening timelines.

Create cutting-edge, interactive content for mobile devices, without writing a single line of code.

  • Update your content in the cloud at any time.
  • No code.
  • Up to 4x faster.

Always up-to-date

The data included in your mobile content needs to be up-to-date in order to remain relevant. For example, CMS datasets and economic models with pricing data require periodic updates. This can be extremely time consuming and costly without an efficient workflow. With BaseCase, updates can be applied in an instant, in-house and at any time, at no additional cost.

Perform live calculations in your presentations, using integrated spreadsheets.

  • Visualize large Medicare and Medicaid datasets.
  • Integrate spreadsheet calculations.
  • Tailor data visualizations to each customer.


Compliance reviews of interactive digital content can be challenging. Being unprepared for legal review can significantly delay your project. Our Launch add-on provides a built-in workflow to ensure compliance with your internal medical and legal approval process. You can automatically generate legal review PDFs and integrate with approval systems such as Zinc to greatly accelerate the review process. Once deployed, built-in version control allows you to carefully manage how changes are made and released. Additionally, you can set an automatic expiry date, or revoke access at any time, so you are always in control of your content.
Download data manager brochure

Value communication tools and calculators

Example Return on Investment field tool backed by a spreadsheet and DRG dataset.

This tool lets the presenter tailor the inputs to the customer and perform a live ROI calculation or business case analysis. When complete, a personalized report in PDF format is then automatically generated as a leave behind.

Data-driven presentations and visualizations

Example Hospital benchmarking tool that incorporates a large dataset.

This tool allows the presenter to benchmark customers against their peers and highlight inefficiencies.


Sales productivity

Example account planning dashboard tool that incorporates internal pricing and contracting data.

Highlight a portfolio’s savings potential based on the inputs tailored to each customer and calculate direct cost savings.

Note, the dataset is kept in the original format and can be easily updated.

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