The complete value communication platform
for the life sciences industry
View real-time global analytics for your mobile content.
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Fast, flexible and user-friendly

BaseCase is the leading value communication platform for the life sciences industry. It is the fastest way to integrate complex evidence—such as health economic models, real world datasets, and slide decks—into engaging mobile content. BaseCase removes the need for programmers, reducing costs and shortening timelines.

  • Update your content in the cloud, at any time
  • No code
  • Up to 4x faster

Quantify success, optimize your ROI
and create global synergies with BaseCase Success
BaseCase Management GmbH


Optimize your ROI by using objective measures to quantify success, and discover who uses your content, when, where and how to increase visibility.

Monitor usage data and identify issues to increase uptake when launching new content, and visibly demonstrate the value of your content to foster adoption and replicate success across markets.

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Classify users and content by country, brand or
business unit to gather meaningful data

Select metrics such as the number of presentations,
view time or emails sent.

Visualize and compare usage trends for selected
content over a specified date range.

Drill down into your data by applying advanced filters
and limits.

Rank and compare your most frequently viewed content
or most active users.

Common use-cases of Success

Create executive reports

Create insightful reports to demonstrate impact and show trends within your organization.


Inform investment decisions

Make evidence-based decisions to maintain or discontinue content based on historical usage data.

Monitor new releases

Measure utilization of new tools, respond to uptake issues early and identify training needs.


Demonstrate ROI

Compare your investments in mobile content with actual utilization and demonstrate ROI.

Showcase your success

Showcase internal success stories, supported by detailed usage data.


Create global synergies

Identify winning strategies and replicate success in other markets.

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