BaseCase Portal
Provide rapid access to fully-compliant mobile apps
for payers, providers, and HCPS
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Rapidly create, approve, and deploy cutting-edge mobile apps, without programming


  • Drag-and-drop app development is quick and easy to learn.
  • Save time with push-button deployments.
  • Rapidly update apps that are in production.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your mobile apps

Create interactive, cross-platform mobile apps using a
browser-based, drag-and-drop editor.

Approve your mobile apps quickly and efficiently, while
remaining compliant.

Deploy mobile apps across devices on a single platform.

Enroll users via a configurable, compliant, self-service

Access apps quickly and easily—online or offline.

Track global app and user data to optimize resource

Adapt apps for use in multiple regions and maximize
long-term ROI.

A branded mobile app portal
for payers, providers, and HCPs
BaseCase Portal Front Screen


With BaseCase Portal you can create mobile apps for payers, providers, and HCPs without programming. All apps can be accessed—online or offline—via iPad or iPhone, following a user-friendly enrollment process.

BaseCase Portal can also be customized to reflect your corporate identity, presenting users with a consistent brand experience.


Download the Brochure
Example use-case: A branded mobile app portal for healthcare professionals
BaseCase Management GmbH

Rapid self-service enrollment
Users sign up and create a user profile that determines the apps they have access to,
based on their region, language, and therapeutic area.

Self-service enrollment
Accept localized T&Cs
BaseCase Management GmbH

Install branded BaseCase Portal app
Access apps matching profile
BaseCase Management GmbH
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