The complete value communication platform
for the life sciences industry
Gain new insights into how field teams use your content and
maximize impact through informed design decisions
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Fast, flexible and user-friendly

BaseCase is the leading value communication platform for the life sciences industry. It is the fastest way to integrate complex evidence—such as health economic models, real world datasets, and slide decks—into engaging mobile content. BaseCase removes the need for programmers, reducing costs and shortening timelines.

  • Update your content in the cloud, at any time
  • No code
  • Up to 4x faster

Maximize the impact of your content with BaseCase Insights


With Insights you can discover exactly how users interact with your content on a page-by-page basis through the use of color-coded heat maps.

Focus your analysis on a specific date range using an interactive timeline, and make informed design decisions for future updates with a wealth of detailed usage data.
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Select specific date ranges to show content 
usage data over time.

Examine pageviews, view time and interactions,
ranked over an adjustable timeframe.

Drill down through groups and pages to reveal
exactly how your content is used.

Visualize the number of interactions per page
using color-coded heatmaps.

Download usage statistics in spreadsheet format
for further analysis and reporting.

Common use-cases of Insights

Create data-driven designs

Optimize your content by incorporating usage
data into your design approach.


Identify key value messages

See which value messages are used most by
your field teams.

Enhance productivity

Base discussions on actionable feedback
data, rather than anecdotal evidence.


Inform resource allocation

Factor usage data into your content update strategy and maximize your return.

Targeted updates

Identify problematic design elements and
schedule updates.


Monitor new releases

Monitor any content updates and quantify
impact across multiple metrics.

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